Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up against his first problems in his run for California Governor - questions about his tax returns.

The movie star filed papers in California's recall election on Thursday (07AUG03), announcing his intention to run against current governor Gray Davis as a Republican candidate in October (03).

Arnie then appeared via satellite on many of Friday morning's (08AUG03) news shows to talk about his decision.

He accepted that many would focus on his marijuana-smoking past and claims he's a womaniser, but it was a question about his finances that had him stumped.

TODAY host Matt Lauer asked the actor, "Are you going to make your tax returns for the past several years available to the press?"

Schwarzenegger insisted he didn't hear the question, and sat motionless in his library as a smirking Lauer said, "Apparently we are losing audio with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles."

Despite such early hiccups, Arnie seems to be a popular choice to replace Davis - a TV poll staged by showbiz news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT found that 75 per cent of viewers said they'd vote for the actor.

His True Lies movie wife Jamie Lee Curtis agrees: "I'll vote for him and I think he'll win."

But Sylvester Stallone isn't so sure: "He has all the elements but there's a lot more to politics than simply having goodwill."

11/08/2003 02:10