Movie star-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is hoping to persuade the Japanese to return to America after noticing a significant dip in visitors since the September 11 (01) terror attacks.

The TERMINATOR star is currently on a whirlwind visit to Japan, where he hopes to persuade businessmen and tourists to consider

trips to America - and, in particular, California.

At a rally in Tokyo this weekend (13NOV04) Schwarzenegger told supporters, "You can spend your days hiking, kayaking, biking, fishing or just hanging out on the beach just enjoying the California sunshine."

Arnie, who is particularly interested in bringing a Toyota Prius factory to California, later told journalists, "California is a great business environment again.

"There's a whole positive mood in California. We're stripping back all the obstacles and all the regulations. Come on

back. California is open for business."

Japanese visitors to California, who used to make up the second highest number of tourists to the state, have dropped by half since 9/11.

15/11/2004 02:05