The Filipino star, who scored a place in the rock band after guitarist Neal Schon spotted him performing in a Journey tribute band online, recently signed a multi-record deal with Imagen Records, and is working on a new album for release next year (16).

And he has opened his account with the label by releasing the four-track Sounds Of Christmas EP.

Pineda recorded This Christmas, Christmas Day, Christmas Time and Jingle Bells for the festive project.

The singer says, "I am pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to sign with Imagen Records for my solo projects, such as my new Christmas record and my full-length solo album coming out next in 2016... To all the Journey fans, thank you for all your love and support to me and our whole band... (I am) grateful to have all the people around me for their continued support, loyalty and love for my God-given talent. God bless everyone."