The Social Network star Armie Hammer will never risk getting caught with marijuana in Texas again, insisting he's learned his lesson from his pot bust last year (11).
The actor was arrested on suspicion of drug possession in November (11) after a sniffer dog at a border patrol checkpoint found a small stash of pot and three cookies laced with medicinal marijuana in his car. He was held in custody overnight and later released on bail.
News of Hammer's arrest emerged last week (ends27Jan12) and although no charges have been filed, the star has to refrain from discussing the details of the case until the end of April (12).
But he is adamant his night in a police cell was enough of a wake-up call to make him rethink his drug of choice next time he's in the Southern state.
He tells, "In 90 days, I can tell you all about it... I think Texas is one of those places where you don't want to mess around, period. In anything.
"All I can say is in Texas, a little bit's enough. Let's just say I learned my lesson."