Armie Hammer has a lucky pair of pyjamas he wears on planes.

The 'Call Me By Your Name' star has to travel on a lot of long-haul flights for work, and revealed to Shortlist magazine he makes himself comfortable by changing into his PJs.

Armie said: ''When I go on a long flight I like to change into pyjamas. It's just nice to fold your clothes up and put them somewhere, then put them on when you land so they're fresh and you haven't slept in them for a while.

''I have some lucky pyjamas, they're navy blue with white polo horses on them. I'm like an athlete, there's got to be a routine. If I don't wear them, I feel pretty unlucky.''

In his much-talked-about new movie 'Call Me By Your Name' the 31-year-old actor stars as Oliver, the 24-year-old son of a college professor who develops a relationship with 17-year-old student Elio (Timothee Chalamet, 21).

Armie recently hit back at criticism of the film's relationship age-gap on Twitter, including calling out veteran actor James Woods, after he claimed the film was, ''chipping away at the last barriers of decency''.

Armie tweeted in response: ''Didn't you date a 19-year-old when you were 60?''

'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' star said: ''James Woods said something I found really offensive about the movie, and he missed the entire point with regards to what we did. I felt like I had every right to speak out. I certainly wasn't expecting all of this to happen.''

The controversial film also includes a scene in which someone simulates sex with a peach.

Armie said: ''My first impression was ... I can't blame him. I tried masturbating with a bunch of weird things when I was a kid. It's just the way it goes.''

He denied ever using a peach, but added: ''Timmy [Chalamet, who plays Elio] and [Luca [Guadagnino, the director] have done it though. Maybe peach sales will go up after the film.''