Actor Armie Hammer has been hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of a woman involved in a traffic accident on Friday (19Oct12).

The Social Network star was driving through Los Angeles when he witnessed the crash and pulled over to help a woman get out of her smashed car.

His heroics were witnessed by model Leeann Tweeden, who also rushed to the scene after hearing the collision from her nearby home, and she later took to her page to blog about her experience.

She writes, "I was sitting in my house when I hear an accident tonight. I throw on my shoes and run out of my house to see if I can help. I run up as a guy is helping an older woman (60ish?) out of her smashed up car that both airbags deployed in. Now mind you, it's rush hour at a busy intersection. People are honking at other cars because one lane is blocked and people can't go through the debris in the open lane fast enough for others."

Tweeden admits she was stunned to discover her fellow Good Samaritan was Hammer, adding, "When the guy turns around, who is it?!!!! None other than: Armie Hammer!!!!! Yes, ladies. The cutie Armie was in the opposite turn lane in his Audi and watched the whole thing go down and got out of his car to help. Me and him. Out of millions in La."

Tweeden insists "no one was seriously injured" in the incident.