Armie Hammer seized the opportunity to star in 'Sorry to Bother You' because of the ''uniqueness'' of director Boots Riley.

The 31-year-old actor stars alongside Tessa Thompson in the new fantasy movie, and Armie has revealed he jumped at the chance to work with the first-time director after being blown away by his script.

He recalled: ''I got the script from my agent who called me and said, 'I'm sending you a script and it might be the craziest script I've ever read in my life. I don't know, man. I don't really know how to even interpret this.'

''And I was like, 'OK, send it along.' I read it and I just thought ... this is - and to underuse a word - this is unique.''

The film tells the story of a an African-American telemarketer who assumes a white accent in order to succeed in his job.

Armie has admitted to being amazed by the ''creativity'' of Boots, who is primarily known as a rap artist, having been the lead vocalist for the likes of The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club.

Speaking to Collider, Armie explained: ''I said to my agent that I wanted to talk to Boots. We did and we had a really long Skype session, because I was in Canada working at the time.

''Hearing his vision for how he wanted to execute this thing that is so specifically him and his voice, it seemed like an amazing opportunity to work with a first-time filmmaker who has so much to offer in terms of creativity and uniqueness.''