Armie Hammer's wife has made him lift his ''standards'' since seeing him in 'On the Basis of Sex'.

The 32-year-old actor plays Martin Ginsburg, the supportive husband of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the upcoming biopic and he admitted his character has now impacted on his marriage because his spouse Elizabeth Chambers - the mother of his children Harper, four, and two-year-old Ford - always compares him to the lawyer.

He said: ''It's a high standard to live up to, and now that my wife has seen the film, every so often if I fail to live up to his standards she casually looks at me and says, 'Marty wouldn't do that.' ''

When he first received the script for the film, Armie ''employed a researcher'' to find Martin's bad points because he seems ''too good to be true'' and he admitted, upon finding he really was as good a person as had been depicted, he found it a ''hard'' role to play.

Speaking to UK TV talk show host Graham Norton, he said: ''When I read the script it described a husband that was incredibly progressive and supportive and perfect and charming and I thought, 'This guy is too good to be true,' so I employed a researcher to find out where the bodies were buried!

''I felt sure there was something wrong with him, but he really was the most amazing person and everyone loved him. He was so perfect that, as an actor, I found it hard to know what to do with him.''

Armie - who stars opposite Felicity Jones in the movie recently claimed the movie helped him become a better father and husband.

He explained: ''I was blown away with how progressive their relationship would seem now, and much more so in the '50s, '60s, and '70s.

''It taught me how to be an even better husband and a more supportive husband and a better father.''

The full interview with Armie airs on 'The Graham Norton Show' on BBC One on Friday (15.02.19) night.