Armie Hammer feels ''apprehensive'' when filming ''intimate'' scenes.

The 31-year-old actor plays the role of Oliver in the coming-of-age drama 'Call Me By Your Name' and throughout the movie - which was helmed by Luca Guadagnino - the star had to do multiple nude scenes, which he admitted left him feeling less than confident at first.

Speaking to Time Out Magazine, Hammer said: ''It's the same with any intimate stuff that we may have been apprehensive about before: 'Ooh, we're going to have to get naked, we have a blow job scene or whatever.'

''The minute you've finished the first take you're [saying] 'Oh, that wasn't so bad. Shall we do it again?'

''When you start out acting they tell you you're going to find these roles that challenge and change you and you start to think it's an idealistic fantasy, but this was one of those.

''Luca told me 'I want to reach inside you and grab you and push you'. And that's what he did.''

'Call Me By Your Name' - which is based on the novel of the same name - follows the story of a young Italian man named Elio - played by Timothée Chalamet - who meets Oliver after he visits the country to stay at his parents' villa.

The pair then develop a passionate relationship, as they bond over their shared Jewish heritage and their sexuality.

Although he is heterosexual and has two children with his wife Elizabeth Chambers, Hammer has portrayed a number of gay characters throughout his career, and admitted he has always supported LGBT rights.

He said: ''I've always been on the page that everybody should be allowed to do what they want to d and that love is love.

''I definitely didn't take on this movie as a bigot and come out the other side and go 'you know what, I've changed my mind'.

''There's a reason I wanted to do the film. Someone said 'I watched 'Call Me By Your Name' and I went home and came out to my parents'.

''I was liked 'whoa!'''