Armie Hammer feels ''lucky'' to be married to Elizabeth Chambers.

The 'On the Basis of Sex' star finds it frustrating that his actress-and-journalist spouse is always referred to just as his wife because she is so much ''smarter and much more successful'' than he is.

He said: ''I see it all the time in my own personal life, where my wife, who is so much smarter and so much harder working and so much more successful in so many different ways than I am, still gets introduced or written about as Armie Hammer's wife, when in reality, I'm lucky to be her husband.''

The 32-year-old star went on to praise Elizabeth for being an ''exemplary'' parent and role model to their children, Harper, four, and two-year-old Ford.

He added in an interview with the I newspaper: ''[My wife] is an incredibly strong and powerful woman who is not only able to hold down multiple jobs, and create a home environment, but also be an exemplary mother and role model, not only to our children but to me as well.

''If she got the due credit that she deserved, then I would be Elizabeth Chambers' husband. But that's not how it works.''

The 'Call Me By Your Name' star wants to work with his wife to create a better world for their children and doesn't want them to be around any ''toxic masculinity.

He said: ''I recognise that there is toxic masculinity all around us, but that's not the world that I perpetuate. That's not the household that I live in with my wife and children, that's not the dynamic, and if anything, it's something that we keep an eye out for, and we try and keep as far out of our lives as possible.''