Ariel Winter's older sister reportedly has no interest in accessing the 14-year-old star's vast fortune.

The 'Modern Family' actress's sister Shanelle Grey, 34, - who was granted temporary guardianship after Ariel was removed from her mother Chrisoula Workman's care last month - has told friends she doesn't want any of the young starlet's money despite going bankrupt in the past.

A source told gossip website ''Ariel asked her sister to become her guardian, this wasn't something that Shanelle sought out.

''Shanelle agreed to become her guardian, but has made it clear that she absolutely doesn't want any of Ariel's money. In fact, Shanelle has formally asked the judge handling the proceedings to block her from having any access to Ariel's bank accounts.

''For Shanelle this has nothing to do with money, she has only stepped in because Ariel asked her to.

''Shanelle did indeed file for bankruptcy nearly 12 years ago, she was in her early 20s and had incurred some debt. However, she took responsibility for it and that has absolutely no bearing whatsoever in the guardianship proceedings.

''For anyone to say that Shanelle is trying to make a money grab from Ariel is ridiculous, they obviously don't know the facts of the situation. The court has strict oversight into Ariel's personal and financial affairs because she is a minor, so it would be impossible for Shanelle to do that, even if she wanted to.''

Shanelle was granted temporary guardianship until a trial takes place on December 12 to establish a permanent arrangement after Ariel - who earns a reported $70,000 per episode - was removed from her home amid allegations her mother subjected her to emotional and physical abuse.

Child Protective Services have advised that Chrisoula should not be allowed to have any unsupervised contact with her teenage daughter.

Chrisoula denies all the accusations against her.