Ariel Winter's cousin is battling a life-threatening illness.

The 'Modern Family' star took to her Instagram story on Monday (08.04.19) to share the heartbreaking news that her cousin Tino was ''rushed to the hospital'' and placed on ''life support'', though doctors aren't sure what is wrong with him.

She wrote: ''Last Friday my cousin Tino was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. The wonderful doctors at the hospital he is currently at have worked tirelessly to find out what is making him sick. They said that if he hadn't gone on Friday he most likely wouldn't have made it. They have made some progress diagnosing him and he is a little bit better, but will be in the hospital and unable to work for a long time.''

Ariel, 21, went on to ask her fans to donate what they could to his GoFundMe account, which has been set up to help pay for his medical bills and keep him afloat whilst he's out of work.

She added: ''I love my cousin so much. He is an incredible person that deserves all the love and support in the world. It would mean a lot to me if anyone would consider donating to his recovery fund. Anything helps.''

And on Tuesday (09.04.19), Ariel's 'Modern Family' co-star Sarah Hyland made a whopping donation of $2,500 to the fundraiser, allowing the project to raise over $16,000 in less than 24 hours.

Sarah's donation comes as she herself has been battling health problems over several years. The 28-year-old actress suffers from kidney dysplasia and has undergone two transplants for the illness, after the first one she had - when the organ was donated by her father - failed.