Ariel Winter's former babysitter claims her mother never abused her.

The 14-year-old 'Modern Family' star - who is currently the subject of a bitter guardianship battle after being legally removed from her mother Chrystal Workman's care and temporarily placed in her older sister Shanelle's custody amid allegations of abuse - was never harmed physically or emotionally according to new legal declarations made by her old babysitter.

According to gossip website, the babysitter has submitted a testimony in Chrystal's defence which states: ''As a former licensed in-home day care provider trained to recognise abuse, I saw no signs nor did I witness abuse of any kind (sexual, physical, or emotional) against Ariel.''

Chrystal's cousin has also come forward to defend her in another new declaration in which she suggests that the young actress is not mature enough to understand the severity of her accusations and backed up Chrystal's claims that Ariel is simply trying to get back at her after she banned her daughter from dating her 18-year-old boyfriend.

She said: ''(Chrystal is) a morally sound, extremely loving and protective parent.

''It is without doubt that Ariel is thinking evidently of her age, without understanding the severity of her actions ... Still early in these teenage development years, Ariel must have limits that only a parent can determine.''

But sources close to Ariel insist she has been abused and her mother was ''hated'' on the set of 'Modern Family' because of how she used to treat her daughter.

A judge has yet to rule on Ariel's guardianship status.