Ariel Winter has got a new tattoo on her right hip.

The 'Modern Family' actress has been getting lots of new tattoos lately and she revealed her latest inking on her Snapchat account on Sunday (23.07.17), posting a picture of her most recent body art, which reads: ''Loves risks everything and asks for nothing.''

The 19-year-old star's picture of her bare hip and legs was followed by a snap of herself kissing her long-time boyfriend, Levi Meaden.

Ariel's Instagram post came shortly after she hit out at criticism of the 10-year age gap between herself and Levi.

The actress explained: ''I'm happy, and whatever people want to say they can say. I don't understand why someone would even comment on our situation at all, I don't think it's that big of a deal ... But I'm super happy in the arrangement that we have; we love living together and we share all the duties and it's great.''

And prior to that, Ariel gushed that Levi is the ''most incredible person'' she's ever met.

The curvaceous star revealed Levi boosts her self-esteem by frequently making complimentary comments about her appearance.

Ariel shared: ''I have to say he is the most incredible person I've ever met and that I'm so lucky to be with him.

''He's always complimenting me and making me feel special and beautiful. We went grocery shopping today, and I was in, like, a weird T-shirt that I kind of hate and my semi-pyjama pants, and he still took the time to tell me that I look pretty.''

Ariel said her boyfriend's comments help to lift her spirits when she is feeling particularly down about herself.

She shared: ''Even when I do feel bad about myself, he's just there to support me and pick me back up when I'm feeling down.''