Ariel Winter says it will be ''hard to say goodbye'' to 'Modern Family'.

The 21-year-old actress grew up on the US sitcom, which she has starred as Alex Dunphy in since 2009, when she was just 11, and she has admitted that whilst it will be difficult to bid farewell, she is ''excited'' to step out of her comfort zone and take on different roles.

Speaking about the hit programme - which also stars Sofia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett) and Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy) - coming to an end in 2020, she said: ''It's strange to think that it's coming to an end.

It will be hard to say goodbye.

''It will be hard to leave that, but I am excited to do new things. I'm excited to play new roles and to do things that challenge me a little more.''

Ariel admitted that she wants to play people her own age.

She added: ''Alex is a great character, but Alex doesn't change a ton

''I was a kid as Alex on the show and now I'm an adult as Alex, so it's a little different than the roles I want to play. I don't want to play kid to adult. I want to just play my age now.''

The 'Smurfs: The Lost Village' voice actress also opened up about quitting college after six months because she struggled to balance filming the show with her studying.

She added to The Hollywood Reporter: ''I loved going (to UCLA); however, I overestimated what I could do at that time ... I wasn't really able to get to the majority of my classes.

''It just didn't make sense at the time.''

Ariel - who has 3.9 million followers on Instagram - also admitted she doesn't care about fame and would rather just get on with her work.

She said: ''I'm not really a fame person. I like to act. I like to work.''