Ariel Winter's sister has taught her how to love herself.

The 'Modern Family' star - who is currently in the care of her 34-year-old sister Shanelle Grey after being removed from her mother Chrisoula 'Chrystal' Workman's custody in October - claims her mother wasn't ''supportive'' and made her feel even more insecure about her body image.

The 15-year-old actress told Teen Vogue magazine: ''I had body insecurities when I was younger. I still do. Every girl has insecurities -- mine were heightened at the time because my mother wasn't supportive. Now, my sister is always making sure to tell me that I look beautiful . . . It's about learning to love yourself.''

Ariel admitted she is thrilled her family drama is now in the past and she is much happier living with her sister, who was appointed her legal guardian in December.

She said: ''My life is definitely more normal -- and that'll help me grow up like I'm supposed to. Like, I always wanted to be a dancer, and now I'm taking dance classes. And I didn't have many friends. It was all about work. Nowadays, my sister's like, 'You're supposed to have friends. You're supposed to go out on Friday and Saturday nights.

''Sunday we have family dinner. It's just a different experience for me because I have more of a family life. I'm really happy.

''I didn't know my sister much growing up, and I wasn't really allowed to see her. I know now that my sister is the type of person I'd aspire to grow up to be like. It's really interesting how close you can get with somebody in such a short period.''