Ariel Winter has admitted she still feels ''uncomfortable'' about her body at times.

The 19-year-old actress is known for speaking out about body positivity, and has said that whilst she accepts that her body is ''who she is'', she also admits she still has days where she doesn't like the way she looks, as she claims is ''hard'' to be positive all the time.

She said: ''It's hard to be positive about your body all the time. I know because I'm honest about my insecurities that people think I'm 100 percent positive about my body all the time, but I'm not. I get really uncomfortable, too. But I just remind myself that this is the body I was given. This is who I am.''

Despite not always feeling positive, the 'Modern Family' actress - who underwent breast reduction surgery in 2015 - says she's ''comfortable in a bathing suit'', and no longer cares about what people think of her.

She added: ''When I got the breast reduction it helped me feel so much better about my body. I used to have full-scale meltdowns in bathing suit shops because there was nothing I could find to wear. I always felt like crap about myself.

''My best friend, she's super tall and skinny and she'll wear the same bathing suit as me, but people will automatically look at me and call me out as a sl*t or write headlines about 'Ariel Winter's cleavage.' Meanwhile they look at her like, 'Oh she looks so cute!' But I've learned to not care about that as much. I'm comfortable in a bathing suit, scars and all.''

Ariel - who has previously been shamed online for showing off her curves - admits she's now learned to ''please herself'' rather than others, and says she's ''happy'' with who she is.

She told Refinery29: ''I went through a lot of hate online, so I tried to change myself for a really long time. But people just kept hating on me no matter what I did. I decided that instead of pleasing these other people, I'll just spend that time pleasing myself. Those people are going to be rude to me regardless of what I do, so I should just try and be happy with what I am.''