Rixton are planning to take Ariana Grande for a pint and a curry.

The 'Me and My Broken Heart' hitmakers have revealed they're hoping to show the 21-year-old beauty how they like to spend their Saturday nights when she comes to the UK on tour later this year.

Jake Roche said: ''She's coming on tour to Manchester, so we'll take her to a Wetherspoons, or something.''

Charley Bagnall added: ''A two-for-one pint and a curry.''

The 'We All Want The Same Thing' singers have also opened up about the inspiration behind their latest single and confessed they came up with the idea when they realised they were all hoping to pull a girl while on a night out.

They also sing about wanting to ''do it on a sofa'', although Jake admits that can be uncomfortable.

He explained to Heat magazine: ''It depends what sofa you've got. I've got a La-Z-Boy chair and that can be a bit awkward - the foot rest flips out, and if you put too much weight on it, it goes back in.''

Lewi Morgan added: ''Leather sofas are never good. You stick to them and stuff.''