Ariana Grande won't let a boy change her personality.

The 'Baby I' hitmaker admits she used to be in an ''unhealthy'' relationship prior to dating The Wanted's Nathan Sykes - with whom she parted ways amicably in December - which made her lose all her confidence, and has vowed to never be dependent on a man again.

She recalled in an interview with the new issue of Teen Vogue magazine: ''I was dating a boy who made me a different person. And my family was like, 'You've lost your light, you are constantly distracted.' If I waited too long to text him back, it was the end of the world. And it was just a very unhealthy relationship.''

Ariana's confidence has also taken a blow in the past because of online trolls, so she has learnt to avoid the internet and ignore hurtful comments when she's going through a tough time.

The 20-year-old singer said: ''I'm a lot shier than people think. I don't go online when I'm dealing with s**t. This is a very amazing time in my life, but also the most stressful. I'm adjusting and learning ...

''For a very long time, it affected me. And I was like, 'But they don't know the story! Or, 'But they don't know me!' And my friends were like, 'That's the thing, they don't know you and they never will. You can't let a 12 year old in Minnesota ruin your day.' ''