Ariana Grande has urged her fans to stop hiding their faces when they ask for selfies with her.

The 24-year-old singer took to Instagram story on Sunday (11.03.18) to share a sweet message in which she revealed that whilst she loves taking pictures with her fans, she wishes they wouldn't cover up their faces, because she wants them to show themselves the same ''unconditional love'' that they show her.

On a plain black background, the 'Dangerous Woman' singer wrote in white text: ''I love meeting y'all out and about, it makes me so so happy! But it makes me so sad when y'all don't put your faces in the photos or put emojis over your face or ask not to be in them ! You show me such unconditional love all the time no matter what tf i look like. You deserve to show yourselves that same kindness. Please learn to give that to yourselves! You will get there and you deserve it and i love you the very same way ! sweet dreams (sic)''

Ariana's emotional message comes after a tough year for the singer, who has removed herself from the spotlight over recent months.

In February, the star fell ill and was forced to pull out of a planned performance at the BRIT Awards, where she was supposed to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Manchester terror attack at one of her gigs in May last year.

A source said at the time: ''Ariana desperately wanted to come - she was so ill but she still wanted to get on the plane. Her doctor told her that she couldn't perform, there was no question.''

Ariana was said to be ''devastated'' about missing the show, which saw Liam Gallagher perform a moving rendition of Oasis' hit 'Live Forever' in her place.

The source added: ''She wasn't even allowed to get on the plane - that's how ill she was. She's at home resting now but she's devastated to miss it.''