Ariana Grande advised Meghan Trainor to stay quiet after her Photoshop controversy.

The 'Dangerous Woman' hitmaker regularly offers advice to the 'All About That Bass' singer about how to deal with fame and was a pillar of support when Meghan's waist was digitally edited in her 'Me Too' video.

Speaking backstage at the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash, Meghan shared: ''We talk about pop star life ... what are we doing? What is this crazy life and how do we handle it? She helps me out all the time.

''The last time she helped me out was my 'Me Too' video. I was photoshopped and I freaked out and she called me and was like, 'Take a breath, I know you're sad - I'm sorry! We got this - don't go online.' She's great. She was just like, 'Stuff happens, it's terrible, just talk to your personal friends and don't go online.'''

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old singer previously revealed she tries to ignore her critics but admits she reacted badly to the news her video had been digitally altered.

She said: ''I never read YouTube or Twitter comments. I do read Instagram comments though as they are nicer but I can't sit there and read all the nasty things as it would get to my head ...

''I should have calmed down and taken a few more deep breathes but I just went at it on Snapchat. I didn't want my fans to be like where is the video. I actually spotted the Photoshopping before they did. I was really embarrassed about the whole situation and didn't want the track to be all about the controversy but it is.''