Ariana Grande has praised the people of Manchester for remaining ''unified'' after the tragedy of the Manchester terror attack.

The 24-year-old singer had just finished performing at the Manchester Arena on May 22 last year when a suicide bomber claimed the lives of 22 concert goers and injured hundreds more.

Ariana returned to the city a week later to host the One Love Manchester benefit concert to help raise funds for those involved, and has now praised those in attendance for helping to turn something ''heinous'' into ''something beautiful''.

She said: ''The fact that all of those people were able to turn something that represented the most heinous of humanity into something beautiful and unifying and loving is just wild. We're in such a trying time and people have been responding with acceptance, love, inclusion, and passion. This generation, they're standing up and they're not going to take no for an answer.''

The 'No Tears Left To Cry' singer has been trying to put her heart ache into her music following the atrocity, but says it's ''still so hard to find the words'' to describe how she's felt in the year since the attack.

She added: ''I guess I thought with time, and therapy, and writing, and pouring my heart out, and talking to my friends and family that it would be easier to talk about, but it's still so hard to find the words.''

Despite struggling to find the right words, Ariana admits she was left in tears ''10 hundred times'' during the recording process for her new album.

Speaking to the Summer Music issue of Fader, she said: ''I cried 10 hundred times in the session writing it for you. Here is my bleeding heart, and here is a trap beat behind it. There's definitely some crying-on the-dancefloor stuff on this one. I've never been this vulnerable to myself. I feel like I graduated almost. I feel like for a long time the songs were great, but they weren't songs that made me feel something the way these songs do.''