Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj will ''always'' be there for each other.

The 'thank u, next' hitmaker has spoken out against ''silly'' rumours of a feud between the two close friends - which came after the release of Nicki's new hit 'Bust Down Barbiana' - and made it clear how much she appreciates everything the 36-year-old rapper has done for her personally

After fans wondered if the new track's line ''Killing everybody ear, thank u, next Ariana'' was a cheap shot at the 25-year-old star's own single, she shut down the speculation on social media.

She wrote: ''No silly ass. There will never be anything but love between us ever.

''She's been there for me (in real life) every time I've needed somebody and I'll always be there for her. We love each other. Bet.''

Nicki publicly agreed with her pal's sentiment, as she quoted the '7 Rings' singer's post and suggested Ariana had helped her a lot too.

She responded: ''Not more than you've been there for me behind the scenes. Love you. For life.''

Their close friendship has been no secret, as they have also worked together on five songs in as many years.

They first collaborated together alongside Jessie J on 2014 track 'Bang Bang', and later that same year Ariana made a guest appearance on Nicki's tune 'Get On Your Knees'.

Two years later, Nicki returned the favour as she featured on 'Side to Side', which was taken from Ariana's album 'Dangerous Women'.

And in 2018, they featured on each other's records again, this time with Minaj appearing on 'The Light Is Coming' while Grande lent her musical talents to 'Bed'.