Australian musician AXLE WHITEHEAD has no regrets about exposing himself at the 2006 Aria Music Awards - and has promised a repeat performance if he wins another award this year (08). The former TV host flashed his penis on stage and simulated a sex act with a trophy at the event two years ago (06). But he insists the incident will not stop him from stripping off if he wins another award at this year's ceremony. Speaking about the 2006 incident, he says, "I just thought, 'Why not lighten the mood and get my tackle out.' "But I have absolutely no regrets - I think more people should do it. "Everything is getting very safe and in the pocket it's time that people had a crack and just showed a bit of personality. "Audiences aren't stupid, they want to see what people do behind closed doors." "If I get nominated this year for an ARIA, which would be fantastic, I might have to take it all off."