Soul queen Aretha Franklin has become the latest star to record an album of Christmas hits - because she's sick of dancing to other people's songs over the holidays.
The Respect singer has been put off releasing a festive album for years because her managers assured her such an album would never sell.
But now Franklin is out to prove them wrong as she joins the likes of Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill and Al Jarreau, who will all be hitting the Christmas music market with carols and festive favourites later this year (08).
She says, "It was just so grossly remiss that I have not had a Christmas album. It was just ridiculous.
"I was told at one point that they (Christmas albums) didn't make any money, but that's not the point at all.
"I'd be at home cooking and enjoying the holidays and listening to everybody but myself. I wasn't enjoying that."
Franklin's This Christmas will be released in October (08).