Soul legend Aretha Franklin has forgiven America's National Football League (NFL) for choosing THE Rolling Stones to perform the prestigious half-time Super Bowl slot, instead of a Detroit artist.

The Detroit, Michigan native will sing the national anthem at the American football final in her hometown on Sunday (04FEB06) and initially berated sports bosses for failing to include other local musicians on the playbill.

After adding Michigan man Stevie Wonder, as well as Aaron Nevile, Dr John, Joss Stone, John Legend and INDIE.ARIE, Franklin has been appeased.

She explains, "I didn't think there was enough (Detroit representation) by any means. And it was my feeling: 'How dare you come to Detroit, a city of legends - musical legends plural - and not ask one or two of them to participate.'

"That's not the way it should be. Of course, they made that correction with no sweat."

In response, NFL spokesman BRIAN McCARTHY says, "It was always our intention to celebrate the contributions of Motown at the Super Bowl."