A movie adaptation of Aretha Franklin's autobiography FROM THESE ROOTS has been put on hold thanks to a casting row between studio bosses and the legendary singer. Franklin has already axed talks with Hollywood studios over a big screen version of her life story, and she's now feuding with TV bosses, because neither party are prepared to relinquish control over the project. The 65-year-old diva tells website Spinner.com, "We opened negotiations with a movie offer that we had to take off the table because the contract simply was not anything I could sign or work with. "It just was not there in terms of the contracts after reading, scrutinizing everything with my agent and my attorneys. We then went to a telefilm, which is still on the table now. "It's hard for the network to relinquish control of the prime casting, and it's equally as hard for me and I'm not going to relinquish control when it comes to myself, my family, and my father. So that's where we are." Franklin suggests one of the major issues is her insistence that Billy Dee Williams plays her father in the TV film.