Aretha Franklin has said she was not happy with her performance at President Barack Obama'S inauguration.

The event took place on the 20th January this year and is likely to be remembered by many as one of the most important days in history.

However, the legendary soul singer said pre-show nerves and the cold temperature had a detrimental effect on her voice, adding that she should have pre-recorded the song

"Everyone else pre-recorded... I should have pre-recorded! I didn't even know they had pre-recorded until I heard it on TV later," Music-News quotes her as saying.

"I just wasn't happy with my performance that morning. I just rushed into the studio to do the commemorative, and 40 or 50 years from now people can play it for themselves."

However, it has recently been reported that sales of the hat Aretha wore during the inauguration have soared

Detroit milliner Luke Song has received more than 5,000 orders since the event.

20/03/2009 11:50:34