Soul queen Aretha Franklin's son TEDDY RICHARDS is desperately trying to break out from his mother's shadow after suffering a bunch of humiliating concert experiences.

The singer-songwriter, who once played guitar in Franklin's backing band, has gone it alone - but he's struggling to live up to people's expectations.

He explains, "I remember we pulled into town and I grabbed the local paper and it had 'Live...' in great big font '...Aretha Franklin's son', and in little teeny tiny writing 'Teddy Richards'.

"We got to the show that night and the audience that came out was primarily an R'n'B audience, which I am not, so I started hearing people saying, 'You suck!'

"One drunk fellow said, 'Goddamit, I came here to hear R.E.S.P.E.C.T,' and he took a bottle and chucked it up on the stage and I said, 'Alright, everyone turn your gear off, we're leaving.'"

30/07/2003 17:44