Queen of soul Aretha Franklin has topped a poll of the worst-dressed celebrities due to her fondness for fur.

The lists compilers, animal rights charity PETA, said that the RESPECT songstress had been propelled into the number one spot after donning a "massive" fur coat at the recent Grammy Awards.

Previously the organisation's vice president had sent the singer a letter criticising her Grammy fashion faux pas.

According to a report on Access Hollywood he advised her to follow in the footsteps of Mariah Carey and donate her furs to charity, adding that they make her look like a "clown".

Other celebrities featured on the list included Eva Longoria, who was singled out for her "trashy furs" and LINDSEY LOHAN who has donned fur on the red carpet.

Even pop princess Kylie Minogue garnered enough votes for an inclusion after she was seen sporting a python purse "at a time when there was controversy about skins and how these animals are killed by being impaled upon a tree".

Representing male celebrities was rock god Marilyn Manson who was criticised for his love of leather.

Brit supermodel Kate Moss was branded a "super tramp" by the organisation for the fur components of her wardrobe.

Tens of thousands of internet users voted online to decide which celebrities were fashion criminals.

Yvonne Taylor, a representative of the charity, said: "When fans see this cruelty and their idols appear to encourage it, they are appalled."

Previously, heiress Paris Hilton and her pals KIMBERLEY STEWART and Nicole Richie have been awarded the worst dressed accolade.

Meanwhile, ARETHA FRANKLIN has recently hit the headlines after lambasting BEYONCE for calling Tina Turner the Queen of soul.

Ms Knowles referred to Turner by the title during their Grammy Awards duet.

21/02/2008 10:44:56