Soul veteran Aretha Franklin has given up on the possibility of finding her ideal man, after breaking up with her latest boyfriend.

The 61-year-old RESPECT singer admits she's now "disenchanted" when it comes to "bulls**t men", after a string of bad experiences.

She says, "(I want) somebody who is into me, whom I'm into, whom I respect and appreciate, whom my children like and respect. Someone warm and giving and caring - and I couldn't be farther away from it. What a bummer!

"I cannot believe that I was this naive and gullible at this point in my life. When you love somebody, it's sometimes kind of hard to see everything that you need to see. It's a lot easier when you're not emotionally involved."

And members of the opposite sex have also influenced her resolutions for 2004, "I'm going to lose weight, get more organised, and I'm going to leave these bulls**t men alone!"

27/02/2004 17:24