Aretha Franklin celebrated her 70th birthday by revealing that she has a new album planned. Aretha Franklin will be teaming up with Clive Davis again for her new music.

According to Associated Press, Franklin stated: 'I have re-signed with Clive Davis, so I'm recording with Clive again. We're going to sit together and decide what it is we're going to record.' Davis was actually spotted sitting next to Franklin for her birthday dinner at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel. Other guests at the event included Diane Sawyer and WILLIE WILKERSON. Franklin cut her three-tier, lime green birthday cake whilst the crowd sang Stevie Wonder's version of 'Happy Birthday'. In terms of her future work plans, she stated that she was looking forward to her performances in California whilst a biopic about her life is on hold: 'It's in a limbo position. It's just a lot going on.' Talking to her guests, Franklin said that she would celebrate her birthday today (25 Mar 2012) by relaxing and watching TV all day, whilst she amusingly joked about her age: 'I was wondering, 'What is it going to be like to be 50?' I can tell you now it feels like 40'.

After the party, Aretha Franklin still spent her time socialising with friends, well after all the main guests had gone. She will return to work with Clive Davis after he also celebrates his birthday.