Rocker D'Arcy Wretzky's neighbour has spoken out in defence of the former Smashing Pumpkins star after she was jailed for refusing to accept responsibility for her wild horses.
The rocker is behind bars after missing a series of court appearances in relation to a 2009 animals running at large charge, after her horses broke free from her farm in Michigan.
Wretzky was cited for the incident but forgot to pay the fine and then skipped four consecutive court dates, leading to her arrest this week (begs07Feb11).
But the bassist's neighbour, Debra Beebe, is baffled by the charge because the star's horses have only escaped from their enclosure once, and she's confident the incident has been blown out of proportion.
Beebe tells The Hollywood Reporter, "She and her horses have never bothered anyone here. I think this is overblown...
"Once when hers (horses) got out we helped them... But there have been no wild horses incident running through the town. Besides, we're in the country and not even in the town."
Wretzky is expected to be released on Monday (14Feb11).