Rocker DONNY TOURETTE used the opportunity to take over today's (09JAN07) showbiz column in British newspaper the Daily Mirror to slam Arctic Monkeys, Keane, Lily Allen and Charlotte Church. The Towers Of London frontman, who quit British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother on Friday (05JAN07), makes his feelings on his fellow Brits clear. He writes: "I'm not down with the Arctic Monkeys, man. They're up their own a**es. The Arctic Monkeys have no sense of humour, they take themselves so seriously. They're drab, man. "The Arctics claim to be all witty but they're just f**king bland, in their songs and in person. They're not exactly rock 'n' roll. Not like the Towers. "And speaking of phonies, I reckon that TOM CHAPLIN from Keane going into rehab was nothing more than a publicity stunt. "Before that no one had heard of him doing anything scandalous. He probably had one beer, and thought, 'Oh no, I'm in trouble here, I better get some help.' "Next on my hate list is Lily Allen. She's not very classy, I don't like her music and don't think she should have been on the cover of NME. "And talking about no class, Charlotte Church is just an angel with dirty wings. She's a little madam, ain't she?"