Arctic Monkeys' new album has "more snake and leather".

The group say Queens Of The Stone Age rocker Josh Homme - who produced some tracks on 'Humbug', their latest LP - encouraged them to play the songs with a more loose style and they are delighted with the results as it improved their abilities.

Bassist Nick O'Malley said: "There's a bit more musicianship than on the previous two records. The goal this time was to become more of a fluid unit, as far as the music goes, and I think on this third album, there's more of a musical evolvement than on the first two. There's a bit more snake, a bit more leather."

The 'Crying Lightning' rockers loved getting the chance to work with Josh - as well as Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford - but admit they were so in awe of his musical abilities, they felt the need to work even harder than usual.

Nick explained to MTV News: "It was very motivational, because you think, 'It's Josh Homme. I don't want him to know how terrible I am, so I have to up my game slightly.' He made you want to be better on your instrument, so you didn't upset him."

Singer Alex Turner added: "I'd say what you've got there is James Ford, a bit of a Ghostbuster, ex Dreadlock, and Josh who takes a bit of a Bill Sykes approach to it. The way Bill Sykes would approach eating an apple — like with a dagger — Josh is like that with the task."