The Arctic Monkeys took the photo for the cover of their new album with a camera that cost $1.

The British rock group posed for the image in the Californian desert, where they recorded most of their third studio album 'Humbug'.

It is the first time the group - consisting of frontman Alex Turner, guitarist Jamie Cook, drummer Matt Helders and bassist Nick O'Malley - have appeared on the cover of one of their LPs.

Matt explained to Britain's The Sun newspaper: "We were heavily involved in the album artwork this time. It's a bold thing to be on the front of our album, even though we are still slightly disguised.

"It's a photo I took with a dollar camera. I bought a camera for a dollar while we were in Joshua Tree in the Californian desert. There were film students selling all this stuff off at ridiculously low prices.

"I took a photograph in the national park at Joshua Tree."

Alex added: "We're on the cover because it feels like the album is more ours somehow."

It is also the first time the band - from Sheffield, North England - have recorded songs outside of the UK.

Matt is convinced the dramatic desert landscapes of Joshua Tree made the album - produced by Queens Of The Stone Age rocker Josh Homme - better than anything they've released before.

He said: "The desert was quite a special place and nOne Of Us has been to anywhere like it. Just being there was enough to blow you mind."