TONY CHRISTIE has been talking about his cover version of the Arctic Monkeys track Only The Ones Who Know.

The veteran singer recently recorded a new album entitled Made In Sheffield which consists solely of music that has come from the Yorkshire city and features contributions from Richard Hawley and JARVIS COKCER.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, he said he chose to reinterpret the Monkeys' song as he feels it harks back to a past musical era.

"The reason I like the Monkeys is because they take me back to the 60's.

"It's very like that 60's scene, The Beatles and all that.

"It reminds me of that and of a time when I was kicking off in the business. So it's a bit retro but great."

Christie performed the album in its entirety on a Mersey ferry on Wednesday as part of the Northern leg of the BBC Electric Proms.

24/10/2008 10:51:24