British groups THE Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks are reportedly at war – over a guitar.

According to the Mirror, the two indie outfits have been at each other's throats for the past year, since KOOKS frontman Luke Pritchard caught Alex Turner trying to unplug his instrument during a gig.

"We've had a weird relationship with the Arctics since we first met. I had to kick Alex in the face because he was trying to pull the leads out of my guitar pedals while we were on stage," Luke told the publication.

The singer, whose band have just released their new single DO YOU WANNA, added that he has tried to make it up with Turner and has even asked him to have a jamming session.

However, he claims that Alex just turned his back and walked away.

Meanwhile, regarding other pop feuds, the newspaper also reports that Robbie Williams' drummer has left him to join OASIS, whose lead singer Noel Gallagher has been notoriously scathing of Robbie, once referring to him as "the fat dancer from TAKE THAT".

A source added that the move is sure to "infuriate" Robbie.

15/05/2008 11:57:59