Sheffield youngsters Arctic Monkeys have snubbed the Brits for the second year running, claiming they are too busy to attend the awards show next week.

Despite being nominated for Best Album and Best Group, the northern foursome say they are planning to shoot the video for their latest single BRAINSTORM, which is due out on April 16th.

However, drummer MATT HELDERS told BBC6 Music the band were not being malicious or playing up to their aloof image, but rather they just didn't have the time.

He said: "We're filming the video that day, so we're not going to be anywhere near it.

"We haven't snubbed it, we're just busy boys getting ready to go on tour again."

ARCTIC MONKEYS are currently preparing their latest record and devoting much of their time to the infamous "difficult second album".

But Helders claims the band have had no worries about the new material, entitled FAVOURITE WORST NIGHTMARE, which is due out a week after the BRAINSTORM single.

He added: "It never really seemed like we were having to make ourselves sit down and write anything. I don't think it was much of a challenge to be honest."

09/02/2007 14:07:41