Rock newcomers Arctic Monkeys have played down accusations of arrogance arising from their refusal to appear on TV shows.

The British band, whose debut album WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM, THAT'S WHAT I'M NOT became the fastest selling in UK history last month (JAN06), recently turned down the chance to play on TV programme CD:UK and have snubbed an offer to attend next week's (15FEB06) Brit Awards because it is televised live.

Frontman ALEX TURNER says, "Because we want to do things our way, people might think that it's arrogance and get fed up with us.

"But I like the idea that we've not been on television. Good to keep it that way. I think CD:UK wanted to talk to us (live on air). We said no - just because it's daft.

"As far as signing to a US record label goes, we'd done all that here and I couldn't be a**ed doing it again over there.

"When you want success and you get obsessive, you mould yourself to be whatever they want you to be. I think because we weren't obsessive about it, we've got a bit more b**locks."