British rockers Arctic Monkeys purposely released their new album with a blank cover in a bid to force fans not to download it for free - because the record will look "c**p" on an iPod.
The Fluorescent Adolescent hitmakers are among several bands who are pioneering different methods of releasing new material to encourage fans to buy hard copies, rather than obtain it online.
They caused a stir with the cover for their new record Suck It and See, which features an off-white sleeve containing just the band's name and the album title - with many fans accusing the rockers of laziness.
But now they've revealed the inner sleeve does have artwork - and the bland cover is a deliberate attempt to discourage downloading.
Drummer Matt Helders tells NME magazine, "It'll make sense if you buy the actual album, because there is summat (something) to look at inside it. That's why we did it, really. It'll look c**p on an iPod screen. We want people to buy the physical product. And we thought it looked good. It looks nice."