Arctic Monkeys rode motorbikes to get into the ''headspace'' to make 'AM'.

Three of the four band members have been motoring around Los Angeles on bikes while making their fifth album, and their new hobby perfectly complemented the music they wanted to make.

Singer Alex Turner - who rides a custom Yamaha Chopper - said: ''It definitely added something. The headspace you get on a motorcycle prepares you for making a rock 'n' roll record. Because you're concentrating so much on manipulating the machine and not killing yourself you get as far away from the creative part of your brain, so you're set up for walking into the studio.''

Drummer Matt Helders and guitarist Jamie Cook both ride Triumph Bonneville bikes, while bass player Nick O'Malley is yet to pass his test, but is working on it.

He said: ''They're the coolest thing to get around on. But I just haven't had time to do my licence.''

When asked about what made him take up motorbike riding, Alex, 27, added to Q magazine: ''Well it's that or a midlife crisis.'' When it was then pointed out he's a little young for that, he cheekily added: ''Well, I dunno. It depends how long you live.''