Arctic Monkeys have been blasted for their unfriendly attitude at the Reading Festival.

The 'Crying Lightning' rockers - who headlined the music event on Saturday (29.08.09) - have come under fire for their insistence on a segregated backstage area and refusal to mix with other acts on the bill.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "At festivals most bands take the opportunity to hang out with each other but the Monkeys demanded privacy.

"They had their own area set up away from the other acts on the bill, which was guarded at all times by two security guards.

"Now they're on their third number one album they can make any demand they want and have it granted."

The 'Mardy Bum' stars' anti-social behaviour was highlighted by the friendliness of the other bands backstage.,

The source added: "Maximo Park, The Prodigy and all the other groups were more than happy to mingle. It was only the Monkeys who weren't."

Arctic Monkeys are not the only headline act to have been criticised for their frosty festival behavior.

In 1999, Manic Street Preachers caused outrage by insisting on having their own toilets - emblazoned with the sign "This toilet is for the exclusive use of the Manic Street Preachers" - in the production area at the Glastonbury Festival.

Bassist Nicky Wire later explained: "I don't see anything wrong with wanting your own toilet at Glastonbury. I didn't want other musicians using it, it was nothing to do with the public. Musicians are dirty."