The Canadian stars were headlining the inaugural Panorama Festival on New York's Randall's Island over the weekend, when they began talking politics to the crowd, reports.

After performing their 2013 hit Normal Person, frontman Win Butler offered his thoughts on the race for the White House, after Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican Party's nomination to be their presidential candidate on Thursday (21Jul16).

"Donald Trump will f**king never, ever be the President of the f**king United States of America," Win vented. "There's no f**king way, there's no f**king chance."

He also shouted "Black Lives Matter", acknowledging the group of civil rights activists calling for an end to police brutality after a string of recent shootings of African-Americans at the hands of cops across the U.S.

Butler continued to offer his thoughts to the audience during the show, saying, "There's a lot of f**king empty patriotic talk right now, but we have to f**king stick together, man."

The band then paid tribute to the late David Bowie, who died after a battle with cancer in January (16). Pictures of Ziggy Stardust, Bowie's alter-ego, were emblazoned across the big screens next to the stage, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was brought on stage to perform Bowie's hits Suffragette City, Heroes, and Rebel Rebel with the rockers.

"Even though he wasn't from here," Butler told the crowd, "New York was David Bowie's f**king city. We met him here, it hurts every day that he's not here."

The two musical acts had previously teamed up to honour the British icon by leading a street parade through New Orleans, Louisiana in the days following his death.