The news today that 'The Hunger Games' will feature a soundtrack including the likes of The Arcade Fire, Taylor Swift, The Decemberists, Kid Cudi and others has merely added credence to the notion that the forthcoming film, out on March 23rd, looks set to take on the role currently being occupied by the 'Twilight' film franchise with many critics predicting a large impact on pop culture.
Adapted from the vampire-themed novels of the same name, the 'Twilight Saga' blazed a trail by pitching a cast of attractive up and coming actors with an independent-friendly soundtrack and went on to make millions over its four instalments, with the final part yet to come. 'The Hunger Games' looks set to follow suit, the Lionsgate distributed film seeing the stunning 21 year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role and an equally attractive cast including Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. However, added to this is a smattering of indie-cool names such as the hugely respected actor Woody Harrelson and enigmatic rock star Lenny Kravitz, a combination that has made the opening weekend one of the most hotly-anticipated Box Office debuts of recent months.
"'The Hunger Games' is off to a fantastic start," said ticket sellers Fandango's executive vice president and general manager RICK BUTLER to the New York Daily News, continuing "We saw the biggest first day advance ticket sales in our company's nearly 12-year history - which is especially impressive for a March release and a non-sequel." It was a new advance ticket sales record for Fandango beating, you guessed it, the third 'Twilight Saga' film.