Two days after stating she was not ready to express "what's in my heart" in a simple note on Instagram, the Purple Rain star took to Facebook on Tuesday (26Apr16) to thank fans for their support.

The 56-year-old former lead singer of Apollonia 6 wrote: "My dear friends and family, thank you so much for your sentiments and prayers.

"The love you have shown for my dear friend Prince has been my support system. Your dedication to him is profound and beyond words."

Apollonia, who briefly dated Prince in the 1980s, also revealed she has sought the advice of "my close friend and media consultant" Elliot Mintz, who has represented Yoko Ono and Paris Hilton.

The singer calls Mintz "my guide and guardian angel", adding she wants to "honor and continue to have the greatest respect for Prince and his preference for privacy."

"When I am ready and it's appropriate I will share with you all that is in my heart and all that is my truth," she explains. "Thank you for your love, understanding and patience. You are everything 2 me."

It has been a tough year for Apollonia, who was mourning the death of another Prince-related friend in February (16), after receiving news of Vanity's passing.

Kotero replaced the Vanity 6 star in Purple Rain, but the two women became friends five years after the film was released.

"She was a pioneer and a strong woman," the actress and singer said in a statement. "She was a diva; the princess of funk... She was an inspiration to me, just like she was to all the ladies that followed."

Matthews died on 15 February (16), aged 57, after battling kidney failure and an abdominal illness.