An online fundraising campaign launched by fans of Aphex Twin to buy a rare album has raised more than seven times its target.

Fans of the British dance producer launched the campaign last month (Apr14) in an effort to raise $9,300 (£5,813) which would allow them to buy the rights to 'lost' album Caustic Window and distribute digital downloads among donors.

The fundraiser closed on Saturday (10May13) after raising a total of $67,424 (£42,140), with at least 4,115 fans now set to have access to the record after contributing.

Caustic Window was recorded in 1994 but was never released and the project was ultimately abandoned, although five test pressings were made.

In April (14), the owner of one copy put it up for sale online with an asking price of $13,500 (£8,438), leading fans to launch the Kickstarter project to buy the record and distribute it among donors after agreeing a special deal with Aphex Twin's record label Rephlex.

The record will now be auctioned on with the proceeds being split between Aphex Twin, Rephlex and the initial fundraisers.