BLUE singer Anthony Costa has left his fiancee LUCY BOLSTER devastated, after he cancelled their wedding just three months before she gives birth to his baby.

The GUILTY star has blamed his "hectic work schedule" for the split.

A source close to the British boy band says, "Anthony's work has meant he hasn't seen much of Lucy recently."

A pal of Lucy's says, "She's really upset. She feels she's been abandoned.

"After all, she's six months pregnant and can't just say, 'Oh well, it's gone wrong so I'll walk away without a fuss.'

"She feels totally let down and goes between being very angry and very hurt by it all. She's got her family to support her, but this is certainly not what she expected."

A spokesman for the Blue says, "No one else is involved and Anthony has pledged his 100 per cent support financially.

"He plans to buy a home for Lucy and the baby."

07/12/2003 14:18