BLUE singer Anthony Costa has relinquished all contact with his pregnant ex-fiancee - leaving her worried he's having a breakdown.

The ALL RISE singer, 22, was poised to marry pretty blonde LUCY BOLSTER after dating her for two years, but he called off the engagement in November (03).

And, ever since, pregnant Lucy - who is due to give birth next month (MAR04) - has been unable to get in touch with him.

She says, "He phoned to say it was over. He did say he would be there during the pregnancy but I haven't heard from him at all."

Costa is now a fixture on the London party scene and has been photographed in a variety of nightspots since the split.

Devastated Lucy adds, "I'm worried about him. Maybe this is his way of coping. It has crossed my mind he might be going off the rails."

05/02/2004 13:38