BLUE singer Antony Costa launched a barbaric attack on his ex-fiancee whilst she was holding their six-week-old baby EMILIE, after she questioned him about an affair with David Beckham's sister.

The ALL RISE hitmaker, 22, allegedly bit and pulled the hair of LUCY BOLSTER - who he split up with whilst she was pregnant - after she had read a string of text messages from the England soccer captain's sister JOANNE, who is reported to be having a relationship with.

A close friend of Lucy's says, "When he realised she'd read his texts he went mad, he grabbed Lucy's hair before she could do anything about it.

"She was begging him to stop, screaming, 'Let me go for Emilie's sake.' She managed to run away and took refuge in her car until he calmed down."

One of Blue's spokespersons was quick to respond saying, "Antony says Lucy launched herself at him and pushed her off.

"He denies having an affair with Joanne Beckham.

"He admits he bit Lucy's hand and pulled her hair.

"Lucy was upset he pushed her while she was holding the baby, she kept saying, 'Why did you push me?'

"He told her, 'Because you were hysterical.'"

25/04/2004 14:00